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Piano Center in ThailandPiano Center direct importer of secondhand pianos from Japan and Germany offering the lowest price in Thailand including full range of services Purchase - Sale - Exchange - Moving - Repair – Tuning – Training - Rental


Pianos from Piano Center
Moving by hydrolic vehicles
Free delivery service by specialty vehicles for                      piano transportation

10 times of free tuning service
Tuning by 88-key digital tuner
5 years warranty

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Secondhand PianoOver 10 brands of over 100 pianos for you to select from We are direct importer of secondhand pianos from                                             foreign countries.


Piano For RentWe offer low price piano rental. After renting our pianos, if you decide to buy them, the rent can be a                                                  discount.

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Tuning PianoWe provide training for both grand piano and upright piano tuning and repair with a certificate after                                                               completing the courses.


Piano CourseWe offer Piano courses for children and adults, we also have teachers who can teach you at home.

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Piano GuideMost cheap pianos available now in the market were manufactured in China, Indonesia, Korea and Russia. Their lifespan is only 1-3 years because wood material does not meet the standard. After their useful life is over, the tuning pins screwed into the wood will become loose and cannot be tuned anymore. Another problem is that they are easily attacked by termites as their main component is mixed light hardwood which attract termites. Moreover, when the outer parts get wet, they will become swollen because they are covered with fomega which looks like the real color.

Used Piano

High grade pianos were manufactured in HAMAMATSU, Japan (in the north of Tokyo) such as Apoll, Atlas, Diapason, Earl Windsor, Eterna, Fukuyama & son, Kawai (some models were manufactured in China), Magner, Rosenstock, Victor, Yamaha (some models were manufactured in Indonesia) etc. These pianos are made of well-coated spruce which is safe from termite attack, the color of the outer parts is high grade weather-resistant Polyurethane, with an average lifespan of 40-50 years.

    The advantage of pianos made in Japan is that they can be replaced by spare parts of any brands. Many people are interested in secondhand pianos from Japan because the prices are twice cheaper than the new ones and they can last for many decades.

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